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Spreading the love of Ryan Gosling, one picture at a time.

The United States of Ryan.
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Ryan Gosling is a talented canadian actor who, in the last few years, has developed quite a following. I believe that Ryan Gosling is grossly under-represented in the Livejournal community, thus prompting me to set up this here community for Ryan fans to gather and meet other people who enjoy him.

What is OMGosling?
Exactly what it sounds like--a place for fans of Ryan Gosling to post news, discuss movies, or look at pictures all pertaining to the lovely actor, Ryan Gosling.


1. ALL POSTS MUST HAVE TO DO WITH RYAN. Use your personal journal for personal posts. If you're not sure about a post, you can email or IM a Mod and they will answer your question.

2. NO FLAMING. If someone doesn't like a picture, or a movie, or something else, don't attack them for it. Just because someone is a fan of a celebrity doesn't mean they approve of everything they do. We all have different opinions.

3. No promoting other communities. All posts are moderated, therefore if we get a post will a promotion in it, not only will it be deleted, you will be banned.

4. Please, please, PLEASE find a reliable picture hosting source. I personally reccommend Imageshack.

5. Go easy on the netspeak. I know, it's the Internet, but it's hard to read and annoys a lot of people. So just try to use it as LITTLE as possible.

6. Introducing yourself is fine, but at least have a picture of Ryan to accompany it.

7. Have fun, kids!

MOD: __lesigh <33.